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Nefertiti’s first Publication from the National University of Ireland, Galway

NUI Galway has just published the first publication regarding Nefertiti project!

Alexey Galushchinskiy, Roberto González-Gómez, Kathryn McCarthy, Pau Farràs and Aleksandr Savateev collaborated efficiently and developed a scientific article with the title “Progress in Development of Photocatalytic Processes for Synthesis of Fuels and Organic Compounds under Outdoor Solar Light”, published by ACS Publications.

This is the abstract of the scientific review article: “With photovoltaics becoming a mature, commercially feasible technology, society is willing to allocate resources for developing and deploying new technologies based on using solar light. Analysis of projects supported by the European Commission in the past decade indicates exponential growth of funding to photocatalytic (PC) and photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) technologies that aim either at technology readiness levels (TRLs) TRL 1–3 or TRL > 3, with more than 75 Mio€ allocated from the year 2019 onward. This review provides a summary of PC and PEC processes for the synthesis of bulk commodities such as solvents and fuels, as well as chemicals for niche applications. An overview of photoreactors for photocatalysis on a larger scale is provided. The review rounds off with the summary of reactions performed at lab scale under natural outdoor solar light to illustrate conceptual opportunities offered by solar-driven chemistry beyond the reduction of CO2 and water splitting. The authors offer their vision of the impact of this area of research on society and the economy.” (Galushchinskiy, 2022).

Nefertiti project is going through its 11th month of work, and all the partners are collaborating harmoniously and efficiently in order to accelerate the research process and ensure the success of the project.

You can read the whole article in open access on the following link: